How to tie your shoe laces!

imageThe task today was to make instrucions for our buddies on how to tie your shoe laces. We had to make a procedure text in pages and a video in iMovie. Here is the link for the video: IMG_3048t





Leader ship speech

Hi my name is Charlotte

I would like to be a leader because I would like to help people at school who look up to us grade sixes. They mainly look up to us because we are the kids in the highest level of primary school. They look up to all of us, not just the leaders with a badge. That is exactly why we all need to be good leaders and be responsible. They also look up to us because we have different tops to all the other primary school kids. This means we all need to watch ourselves behaviour wise, because if any younger kid sees us being irresponsible there is a good chance that they will follow our example. If us grade sixes behave well then the younger kids will follow us. Just like we followed the grade sixes in our younger years.

Out of all the roles that are there, I would like to be a Learning Leader and help the younger kids with their reading and other subjects. I remember that when I was in prep and grade one, I used to hate reading because it was hard. That made me feel like I couldn’t do it and I had better things to do. I want to help make reading easier for younger kids like me when I was in prep and grade one. I want to make reading fun as well. Making reading fun is very important because if you like doing it then you will do it more often without a fuss. I reckon I could help with that.

I think what makes me a good leader is the fact that I am patient, responsible and reliable. I can assure you that you can trust me to carry out tasks and go to meetings and share my ideas. I want to do everything I can to make things easier and more fun for other students. I will openly share my ideas and have an opinion on everything. However, if others have a majority than I will not argue.
Things that I have already done to make myself a good leader is help solve arguments between other kids and solve problems the younger ones have trouble solving. I have also given suggestions about what the could do in their playtime like play with their friends rather than play with their buddy all the time. I would love to be a learning leader. Please help me get my role.

Thanks for listening


Day 1

Ok, maybe I ain’t to good at this parlimentry game… The lowest I ever got for my popularity score was in the thirties. Not so far not so good. Just to make things worse, the popularity score is out of 100. But it is a pretty fun game and despite how bad I am at it, well it is just addictive! My highest popularity score ever was 54% and I guess that is ok.

Day 2

I decided to just start a new game and so far so good. My current popularity score is 60. Not bad compared to last time. Gosh! It’s only been a few minutes an my popularity score is 67, I only added speed cameras and a Road Buffering Wall! Ok, this is crazy, the locals didn’t like a zoo on one game and now they want one when I rejected it. Seriously?!

Day 3

My current popularity score is 80 and I’m really impressed! I added a library, a local pub and a children’s corner in the library. Wow, only been a few minutes and my popularity score is 84.


For our parlimentry inquiry, 5G decided to have our own partys. (Not an actual party a parlimentry party) so we named our party the DONUT PARTY!! Each party had their own ideas. At the end of the parlimentry project everyone in the grade votes and the party with the most votes gets to do their activitys on the voting day. The Donut Party got the most votes in the end, so they got to do their activitys first. The other party’s will have their turn in the following week. My party was the Donut Party.





A homophone is a word that sounds the same but is spelt differently. The words will also have different meanings. image

For example, mine was “Do you want to go to the cafe and get two coffees with two sugar cubes too?” The aim was to create a funny sentence with homophones in it.


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Film Fest Reflection

For the first session of the day, us grade fives watched the grade six’s movies and we called the occasion Film Fest. My favourite movie was: “If you give a little love.” Mainly because the aim of the video was to show us that just a small amount of help can make people’s lives much easier. I would probably give that movie a rating of five stars or a 10/10 because of how clear the message was. There were many other movies as well, and I give the overall occasion a five star rating or a 10/10! There were movies about how you shouldn’t let people tell you not to do what you want to do, to follow your dreams and make them a reality, to stick up for your self, to make the most of your life, do great things with other people and JUST KEEP TRYING!!! The movie “If you give a little love,” mainly shows how doing something so little can make somebody so happy!